Your users login as usual using their username and password.



If they succeed and they are enrolled to the second factor authentication, they will be asked for a 6 digit key. They can choose whether to receive their key by SMS or open their smartphone app and read it.

Once they entered the 6 digit key, White Factor servers will validate it and they will be able to login.

Note that in any moment White Factor has access to the user’s password.

Authentication Process Steps

Primary Authentication

Performed by you.
White Factor does not have access to the user's password.

Server Communication

Handled by White Factor's

Secondary Authentication

A text message is sent to the user's phone with a 6 digit code OR he uses a SmartPhone app to get the current code. He enters the number into your site and we validate it.

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Easy Integration with your Site

White Factor integrates easily into your web application. We provide a REST API that can be integrated with your site by a developer in
as little as an hour (1). There is nothing else to do but to add some API calls to your authentication page. We provide sample code and
support to do that integration, and you can also call us if you need it to be done by us.

Once the integration is complete, users can choose to enroll to the second factor authentication from their own computer within your site.
If they do, they will start using White Factor on their next login.


White Factor has redundant servers in different cloud hosting companies like Amazon, Azure and more. You don’t have to worry about the availability of our service as it is proven to be reliable. We never store the user’s passwords because we don’t have access to them, and we have all our databases encrypted. In any case, the information we store is useless to hackers by itself.

Protect your Organization

· Easy integration with your web application
· Works with all cell phones, even without cell service
· Cost­-effective, reliable, secure

(1) Depends on the complexity and several other variables.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any initial costs?
No. No hidden fees for licensing, setup, support, or anything else for the White Factor service. The integration with your application can be done entirely by your software development team or you can contact sales@whitefactor.com for help.

What happens if I lose my phone or I forget it?
Our solution offers secure authentication alternatives when this happens.

Can I pay for a whole year at a time?
Yes. Please contact our sales team by email or at (415) 967­3920 for details.

I have more questions...
We'd love to answer them. Contact our sales team by email or at (415) 967­3920.